Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas SUPEREARTH

Its finally here and it is arriving on August 29th. After 8 months of leaks and teases, Sean Wotherspoon gives us his eco-friendly and animal-free Superstar. This sneaker is composed of plant-based, recyclable, and vegan material throughout the shoe.

As you can see, the shoe has a colorful and fun look with the most notable feature being the embroidery. On the sidewalls, you can see the Adidas logo and flowers embroidered on the side of the shoe with material hanging off the end giving the shoe a deconstructed look. Wearers can customize the shoe by cutting off the thread they want to have short.

You can find these shoes on the new Adidas CONFIRMED app on August 29th.

Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas SUPEREARTH

Release Date: August 29th, 2020

Price: $110

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